Skilled Individuals

Individuals who are blessed with a skill in the multimedia field, marketing, PR, writing/journalism, law and more have a great opportunity with this organization.  You may qualify to apply for one of the Elite Embassies Executive or Administrative Teams and be eligible to share in the organization’s revenue and profit.

Additional paying projects are also available for those who posses a skill whether you are on a team or not because you can also apply for a Subcontractor Position.

To learn more about this opportunity CLICK HERE to read about the Embassy Team.

If you would like to fill out the form to be considered to be on a team, take the first step by clicking HERE.


*Please be advised that you can apply to work with the Main Embassy (WEE – The Worldwide Elite Embassy), or a set of Embassies such as The Music Embassies, Business Embassies or Entertainment Embassies, or an individual Embassy of your choice as well as our Humanitarian Embassy called “The Celebrate Love Embassy.”