Seminar/Training Info

The Music Embassies number one priority is educating individuals and businesses who are working within the music industry about what they need to know in order to save time and money while protecting their rights and intellectual property.

We offer seminars which are intensive trainings on various topics within the industry.  Each training may be directed toward a different audience depending on their role in the industry.

A mandatory orientation is required for those who wish to utilize the organization’s various divisions. However, we also have numerous services which do not require a mandatory training.  Training Seminars vary in length and are designated toward their specific target audience; composers, recording artists, producers, managers etc.

If you are interested in attending an intensive training seminar, you may contact our offices by visiting the contact us page or you may fill out the registration form which is located on the navigation bar.  Trainings may be done in person if they are available in your area or via skype.

Click HERE to fill out the Music Industry Training Registration Form