Recording Artists

Recording Artists with or without management have an excellent opportunity with this organization.  There are multiple divisions that  artists can take advantage of for their career and business advancement.  Your respective Music Embassy is a tool for you to utilize in order to advance your career to the fullest extent.  Everything you need is within it, yet it is up to you to decide what you would like to utilize.

Some may choose to simply take advantage of the many services the Music Embassies offer for their projects, career and industry education, consulting or even for their exposure.  Others may want more involvement of the team of professionals within the organization and wish to seek representation from the Music Embassies for their bookings, publishing, professional representation/management, development, exposure and/or distribution.  Whatever the need, the choice is always yours.  We also offer many options for each area in order to customize what suits our clients’ needs best.  We have options for everyone whether there is a big budget, small budget or no budget, the Music Embassies can assist.

With the exception of using single services, anyone who would like to benefit from the organization’s assistance must attend the mandatory “Music Industry Intensive Training and Orientation.”  This seminar will basically give a crash course of what you need to know about having a career in the industry.  It will confirm information you may have already learned, fill in the gaps of things you may not have been sure about, and educate you on things you did not know prior.  Whether you decide to utilize the organization or not, we just want to know that we have provided you with a foundation so that you are more aware of what to do when developing and launching your career.  Understanding the business you are in and what you need to do as well as avoid is vital.

During the orientation you will learn of what things you need have in place.  Therefore, we recommend that you do not go and choose a Writer’s Society, Publisher, Booking Agent nor Management if you do not already have one UNTIL you complete this orientation.  It will shed light on important topics and information that you need to know before making any choices.

To fill out the form for the Music Industry Training and Orientation Session click HERE.