Record Labels

Whether Major Record Labels or Independent Labels, the Music Embassies are here to be a strength in any way possible.

The Music Embassies can assist Record Labels in any manner they wish.  Some will assign up projects to assist or be in charge of and others contact us when in need of talent or services.  Our organization may even work with major labels who are interested in our Endorsed clients for a project or even utilize them for distribution purposes.

New Record Label owners often find themselves in mastering their craft of music production but fall short with knowing the business side of things.  Some may need assistance with their label and would like the Music Embassies to partner with them to assist them with the business side of things.

No matter the need, we can assist.  We can educate the label owners, become their consultants for guidance or even become their business partners.  The choice is always the clients since the Music Embassies are a tool to utilize to advance.

Record Label owners may contact our office for more information.