The Worldwide Elite Embassies were established to address the needs, wants and concerns of everyone in the industry.  Event and Concert Promoters have many areas in which they need support to ensure that they gain instead of lose.  Many promoters choose to align themselves with the Music Embassies by taking the “Promoters Pledge.”

The organization gives great support and exposure to the promoter and their events for those who have aligned themselves by taking the Promoter Pledge.  This pledge is a UNITY pledge among the organization and the promoter that together they will support the up and coming talent coming through the organization.

The promoters who are actively involved with the organization can be compensated for their assistance in various ways and even be subcontracted when the Embassies decide to put on their shows in the area of where the promoter resides or implements his/her shows.  They may also be contracted to assist with setting up Embassy Tours and more.  The opportunities are limitless.

There are many services available to the promoter as well to ensure a financial gain rather than loss.  These services consist of advanced ticket sales, marketing, advertising, promotions, PR, and our unique Safe Booking Service which was put in place so that Promoters do not lose their deposits for artists that do not show up.

If you are a Promoter and would like to take the Promoter’s Pledge, you can start by registering for the Promoters Registry which will then take you to a link to take the Promoters Pledge.  Click HERE to get started.