Producers play the biggest role in a production and marketing of a song, film or video.  Without their involvement, the project cannot reach its best in the production phase nor reach the market to its fullest potential in the exposure phase.  It is important that those behind the scenes of a song get the credit and recognition they deserve.  Reputation is everything in this business and producers should also develop their careers and image as does a recording artist.

Many new producers have the knowledge and know how to produce a song, film, video etc but  do not understand the business side of the industry and either cheat themselves from rights and revenue and/or the others involved in the project.  Either they are a Work for Hire or they invest in your project for a reduced rate and points or points alone.

The Music Embassies see different scenarios every day and through the proper consulting and education, we are making a huge difference in making sure that those who are producing and earning their fair share whether in monetary compensation or equity.

In regard to music producers, one major issue that we see daily is that when an artist’s song hits, the artist is earning immediately from shows and appearance but royalties are few and far between.  The producer and composers are not benefiting until and unless royalties come in which can take up to nine months to a year plus.  Due to burning/piracy these composers and producers do not earn whatsoever.  They simply have bragging rights which is not going to put food on the table immediately.

This is the situation in many industries such as Reggae, Dancehall and Soca music as well as other genres that are not getting heavy mainstream rotation.  The Music Embassies work closely with the Producers and the Composers they assist and/or represent to not only protect their rights but they have created opportunities and ways where they can be compensated from other forms of revenue other than royalties.

For those who need assistance or would like to be developed as a celebrity producer, the Music Embassies offer many options.  Contact our office for more detailed information.