Need a Team?

Many recording artists, record label owners, managers and others need a team to carry out their projects, careers and businesses effectively and professionally. Some cannot afford it while others can.  No matter the financial situation, the Music Embassies can save anyone time and money who is in need of a TEAM of professionals to handle certain or all aspects of the operations of their career or business.


A team can be provided for a single project, division, department, or on a long term basis for a client’s career or business.  We have professional individuals available for contract who are consultants, attorneys, executives, development team professionals, Public Relation specialists, marketing professionals, brand consultants, multimedia specialists, musical directors, producers, accounting and tax professionals and many more.

You name it, we have it!  No matter if it is short term or long terms and anywhere in the world, we can assist.

Contact our offices for more detailed information.