Music Industry Intensive Training Seminar

The Music Embassies offer an intensive training called “The Music Industry Education Training and Orientation.”   Those who wish to attend have the choice in the One Day Intensive Seminar which is approximately 6-8  hours long in a group setting or the Music Industry Training Certificate Program  which is done either in person or via Skype over a 1-2 week period in a private training. Both training options cover important topics that everyone getting started in the industry or those already in the industry need to know.

The music industry is immense and there is a great deal to know. Therefore, one of our goals is to provide education in as many areas of the industry as possible during this seminar.  Those who attend are not obligated to utilize the divisions of the organization. We will provide this orientation whether or not you decide to utilize our organization.

Our main task is to educate the music community especially for those just starting or young in the business. We accomplish this goal by having these educational orientations which cover many critical topics pertaining to the industry such as what you need to do first, how to protect your music, the roles of each organization in the music business, understanding royalties, song splits, publishing, your teams roles, master rights and much more.

By attending the orientation and training, we also inform you of the various divisions of the organization for you to use as the tool it was developed to be and the many options for you to choose from.



Did you know that there is a minimum of 13 different ways that you can earn money from your songs? This is in addition to money from bookings, paid song collaborations, appearances and dubplate orders. If you are in the music business, LEARN IT! Know the business, know your rights and learn what you are entitled to. It just does not make sense to make music and do nothing with it. It is even worse and makes less sense to make music and continually release it without protecting it, registering it properly, nor having essential agreements in place for each Sound Recording.
Most do not do any of the above because they do not know where to go to find out what to do, how to do it, when to do it and why it needs to be done. Well, worry no longer and look no further because Official Music Embassies have been established for each and every music genre and even one for producers as well.
Save time and money by investing in a one day intensive training to learn the basics of the music industry so that you can have the necessary education and foundation to advance more rapidly, protect your music and reduce your chances of being taken advantage of.
Learn the roles of your team members, manager, publisher, agents and even YOUR role in your career. It is also vital to learn about the other agencies you need to be registered with. They each have a different role to play in your musical adventure. By attending, you will know your rights, learn about royalties, publishing, how protect your music, agreements you need to have in place, and much more. Learn when to register your music and where, while learning why it is important to do so.


Who should attend this type of training?

  • Recording Artists
  • Managers
  • Indie Record Label Owners
  • Musicians
  • Producers
  • Production Company Owners
  • Composers
  • Music Investors
  • PR/ Marketing Individuals & Companies
  • etc.
By attending this Music Industry Training Session and Orientation from The Worldwide Music Embassies, you will have a better understanding of the industry which will allow you to develop a more solid foundation and infrastructure for your career and business within the industry.
We are conducting these trainings on a global level. We currently will be having in person trainings in many cities worldwide and also on the island of Jamaica. If you would like us to plan a training in your area no matter where you are in the world, let us know and we will begin preparations.  If you are unable to attend an in person training, we utilize Skype for our One on One Private Training for individuals and small groups within the same companies or labels.
Education is one of our top priorities so that those we assist can progress personally, professionally and financially.

We currently have grants available from our many members, sponsors, and contributors for those who qualify.  These grants may cover the majority of your training.  Please be advised that grants are for those who qualify and are on a first come first serve basis.   In some sessions, seats and grants are limited.

One on One Private Training Sessions are also available. Come to us or we can come to you worldwide. Contact our office for more detailed information.
Currently, the following sessions are available.
Training Includes:
  • 1 Day Intensive Training Seminar or Certificate Program
  • Brief or Full Consulting Session (Depending on Training Type)
  • Consulting Time for Options Review per Division
  • Consulting Time for Agreement Review

If you wish to have a Training via Skype, you may do so no matter where you are in the world.  We schedule the time according to what is convenient for both your schedule and your assigned Music Industry Training Specialist.  Simply click on the form below and follow the directions.

You must fill out the form in the link below and contact our office at305-517-7411 to secure your grant and any scholarship that may be available for you.  The remaining amount not covered by the grant or scholarship must be paid before attending the training.  You can make payment arrangements when speaking to someone in our office at the number above.   Seats, scholarships and grants are limited.   Once your form and payment are received, we will reserve your spot.



We are now scheduling Music Industry Training sessions for Jamaica. You must fill out the form in the link below and contact our office at 876-428-1100 to secure your grant.  The remaining amount not covered by the grant can be made at any Paymaster outlet on the island.  Seats, scholarships and grants are limited.   Once your form and payment are received, we will reserve your spot.

Please be advised that these trainings are for all music genres.

If you are interested in attending an orientation, you may click HERE to fill out the form.