Music Consulting Needs

When you are planning to create a music project, it is important that you have the right guidance to assist you every step of the way.  Too many people are simply doing music for the love of it but when it comes down to the financial part of it, so many people then want to claim a piece even if they are not deserving of it.  Those who should be funding certain things do not and other claim rights that do not belong to them.

Have a qualified Music Industry Consultant on your project or even on a regular basis on your team is a wise investment.  The Music Embassies have Music Industry Consultants as well as Entertainment attorneys available for all of your needs regarding your projects.  We also have a multitude of services available for your use and protection in your musical ventures with others that minimize the loss of money, time, friendships and business relationships.

Minimize your risk and loss by hiring a Music Embassies Consultant or by utilizing some of the services set in place to protect you and your project.  The Music Embassies have a service called “The Safe Master Rights Service” where we can assist you with negotiating your project with everyone involved (Songwriter, Singer, Composer, Producers, Investors and Master Rights Owners) and play a neutral part in advising all parties on what is fair for everyone depending on their role, involvement and financial or time contribution.  Depending on the option you choose, we can then create a Deal Memo for everyone to abide by or even go a step further if you elect to do so by creating an actual Production and Recording Agreement customized to your individual project’s needs.