Music Production Needs

The Music Embassies are your official Embassies for every single thing you need for your musical project.

You name it, we can assist you with it!

Whether you need individual services to produce your music you need music to voice on or you would like us to go in the studio with you to produce your musical project for you, we can deliver.

By reviewing our List of Services page, you can decide what services you will need.  Once you become a client, you will be assigned a Representative to assist you as well as a Project Manager if you decide to have us work with you on your project.

  • We can have music composed for you from any genre whether electronic or live musicians.
  • We can arrange for singers voice on your instrumentals. No matter the need, we can provide it for you on a global level.
  • We can schedule studio time for you with qualified engineers.
  • We can have background vocals and adlibs customized for your song project.
  • We can have our professional engineers of various music genres mix and master your songs.
  • We can assist with the entire process of completing your album from the production, to graphic design for your cd cover, to the mixing and mastering of the final product, to cd duplication/replication right down to getting it published and up for sale and even produce the music video.

What do you need for your Music Production Needs, the Music Embassies can assist!

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