We would like to personally invite you to unite with us by becoming an Elite VIP Member of The Worldwide Elite Embassy and its Elite Embassies which are Music Embassies, Entertainment Embassies and Business Embassies. We are a major global organization for advancement that caters to individuals and businesses while also conducting humanitarian efforts.

Though we are the Music Embassies, our support extends to more than just talented individuals in the music and entertainment industries. We also assist business owners of any type and non-profit organizations through our Business Embassies. A large portion of the organization’s profit goes toward enhancing the lives of many in impoverished communities as well as implementing many projects and programs globally through our humanitarian division; The Celebrate Love Embassy.

We are counting on individuals and prominent businesses such as yours, to support our many positive missions as we are creating life changing opportunities for advancement for everyone who chooses to utilize our organization for assistance.

Each of our membership drives has its own purpose as a large percentage of all revenue from our organization goes to the humanitarian division to implement projects and programs for communities. This Elite VIP Membership drive has a special purpose and passion. Many children are born with a birth defect called cleft lip/palate and other facial disorders. It is said that one in ten will die from these birth defects if not treated. Therefore, our humanitarian Embassy’s program called “Adopt an Organization” will raise funds for these specific surgeries. By becoming an Elite VIP Member of the Elite Embassy or any of the other Elite Embassies, you will directly be contributing to these life changing surgeries and be publicly recognized by our organization and the numerous individuals and communities that you have assisted.

We are asking please, that you as an individual or your business and others worldwide, support our many positive missions of nurturing those with God given talents, assisting businesses and entrepreneurs with business advancement, creating career and entrepreneurial opportunities and also helping with our humanitarian initiatives such as crime prevention, literacy, community education and beautification projects to name a few. Most importantly, for every forty Elite VIP Memberships “WE” can sponsor an operating table which will provide five life changing surgeries for those suffering from the abovementioned birth defects. The enclosed page will highlight even more reasons to UNITE with us by becoming an Elite VIP Member today.

You will also receive 4 Memberships for the member dues of 1.  You will receive membership into The Worldwide Elite Embassy, The Celebrate Love Embassy, an Embassy of your choice and membership into the Perfect 10 Pays Members savings membership.

We also have our Free Membership Program in which you can elect to participate as well as our Embassy Rewards Program.

Membership is only US $10 per month totaling US $120 for the year, which is to be paid in advance. You may pay via Check, Credit card, Online Invoice or Paypal. Please be advised that cash is not accepted by our representatives.

You may click HERE to fill out your membership form and get started today and together let’s help the lives of many.