Media and PR Opportunities

Those in Media of any type, whether radio, tv, websites, PR can really benefit from this organization.  The Elite Embassies collectively offer those in Media and PR an opportunity to UNITE with the organization for the greater good of their many positive missions to assist talented individuals as well as their other community efforts.

A compensation plan has been put in place since the Embassies know that without the support of the Media, those in the industry would not have a career.  We feel that Media should be not only recognized for the role they play in creating these icons but they should also be compensated for their efforts.

Those in Media have two options.  They can take the Embassy’s “Media Pledge” and/or become a “Licensed Media Representative” and be compensated and recognized on a higher level.  The choice is theirs.   If you are in Media and can reach the masses in any way, contact the Embassies for more information on how you can take the Media Pledge and/or become a global Licensed Media Representation and make a difference in the lives of many while enhancing your quality of life in the process.

Another benefit and opportunity for those in Media is that no matter what you do, you may be able to receive referrals from the Embassies for your services.  We can be an additional revenue stream which in turn assists you with advancement your career and business.

Take the first step and unite with us today.  We recommend everyone in media to register  for FREE for the Media Registry by clicking HERE.