Master Rights & Royalty Training

Understanding your rights in the Music Industry is the THE most important thing.  To understand Copyright, Royalties, and Master Rights Licensing and Ownership is extremely vital so that you do not put your intellectual property and career’s revenue in jeopardy.

A song is not only that of the recording artist, composer, studio, record label or producers individually.  Everyone plays a role and should fairly protect their contribution to each song’s project.  It is best that an agreement or understanding is agreed upon and put in writing prior to the recording of a song.

The Music Embassies offers an intensive training of what to do before you record a song and what needs to be negotiated in order to avoid misunderstandings and legal issues if and when a song becomes a hit.  This is especially the case for independent artists, composers and producers who are working together as a joint venture rather than working through a Record Label.

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