An Artist Manager places a vital role in the day to day operations of a recording artist’s career.  A manager is needed not only for recording artists but also composers, producers and record labels.

It is not only important for the manager to know his or her role so that he can perform it to the best of his/her ability but it is equally important the client understands it as well.

Our organization has seen almost every scenario that can happen with good and poor management.  We have clients who have had negative past experiences because they did not fully understand their manager’s role nor did the manager.  We have observed that there are two types of managers.  The ones who are strictly in it for the money and the others who truly care about the career path and future of those they manage.

It has been our experience that those with good intentions and truly have their client’s best interest at heart, do not necessarily know the business and cannot assist them in the way that they need to.  While those who are more in it for the money, simply want to exploit their client for nothing but their personal monetary gain and make decisions according to their best interest rather than their clients.

The Music Embassies believe that if you have someone who truly believes in you such as a close friend or family member as a manager, they should not have to lose their position due to lack of knowledge of the industry.  We have created a Management Assistance Division to assist Managers with all aspects of Music Management as well as a division for those who choose to manage themselves in conjunction/partnership with the organization.

Managers can also take advantage of the “On Call Consulting Division” of the organization which provides a team of professionals at their beckon call to assist with the proper management of the client while training the client’s team.

There is basically something for everyone for any management situation.

To learn more, please click on the Contact Us portion of the site to request more information about how The Music Embassies can assist you with your Management needs.