Anyone spending time or money on someone else’s career or business is an investor whether or not their want to assume that title.  This is also the case whether or not a physical contract is in place.  It has been our experience that many who play this role are spending unnecessarily and are losing money rather than making smart choices for their client’s career and business advancement which in turn will generate revenue for all parties involved.

So whether you are the one looking for an investor or you are an investor looking to invest in some projects or individual’s career, you are in the right spot.  We make sure that everything is fair to everyone involved.

The Music Embassies not only have a division to assist those who are investing in the careers of talented individuals, but we also have investors available for projects, programs and those who are seeking or already have a career in music and/or entertainment.

You must apply for consideration and present necessary items so that the investors can make a decision whether or not to assist.

Embassy Investors will consider investing in the following:

  • Recording Artist’s Career
  • Recording Artist’s Project or Song
  • Composer’s Project/Song
  • Composer’s Career
  • Producing a Song
  • Other opportunities may be presented for consideration…

If you are interested in applying for assistance from an Embassy Investor, please take a moment to fill out the required online form by clicking HERE.

If you would like to become an Embassy Investor, please contact our office through the Contact Us Form for more details.