PR & Exposure Needs

One of the most important, time consuming and expensive service that every business, recording artist or entity needs is EXPOSURE!

The Music Embassies are happy to announce that we offer a variety of exposure and PR services and can even customize an exposure package to suit your needs.  Many people do not realize that “EXPOSURE” consists of many things; advertising, marketing, promotions, branding and networking.  Each of the above are all different and require a strategic plan that should be customized based on your project and target market.

We offer everything from customized plans in all forms of Media as well as email blasts to over a hundred thousand individuals on our various lists which are directed to industry professionals, radio stations, and to the general public.  We have services to set up and or assist with social media exposure, website development needs and much more.

The Music Embassies invest in some additional exposure services for our Endorsed Clients and Business Partners.  Those who are Elite VIP Members and not endorsed can save considerably due to their Member Savings Benefit.

To learn more about utilizing the Music Embassies PR and Exposure Services, contact our office to speak to an Embassy Representative who can assist you further.