DJ’s and Radio Hosts

The Music Embassies have something special for DJ’s and Radio Hosts.  They can now unite with the us to not only earn from assisting us with the talented individuals we assist by taking the DJ’s Pledge which is a part of the Media Pledge, but they can also earn from being contracted by us for our events as well as the events of those who are in need of their services.  Host or play at shows and events.

Our organization believes that those in the Media are not getting the public recognition they deserve.  We highly recognize those within the Media such as DJ’s and Radio Hosts who are making a difference in the lives of talented individuals who they support.

We ask all DJ’s and Radio Hosts to register for FREE for the DJ Registry and also for the Media Registry as well.

Click on the links below to register for each registry and open more doors for yourself since you have opened so many doors for the talented individuals that you readily support.
See Media for additional info.