Music, Video and Content Distribution

The Music Embassies currently offer a variety of distribution services.

We can distribute anything from your music, videos and marketing content to the stores and entities.


Music Distribution

Our Music Distribution Division offers Digital Distribution to a multitude of online music stores that generate the most revenue in the industry.  Unlike most digital distribution services who take a hefty percentage, we only charge a flat fee and you can maintain your profit.  We will even assign your ISRC #’s and for a small fee when it comes time to disburse the funds, we will handle sending the Mechanical Royalty payment to the Publishers of the song writers of your songs if you had collaborated with others or the producer and sound recording owner.


Video Distribution

Our organization offers a great service to get our videos in front of the public eye by distributing your videos to our vast list of individuals who have opted into our lists and the lists of our distribution partners.  Our rates for our services are competitive and affordable and can be customized when directed to the proper target market.


Content Distribution

The Music Embassies can distribute your content such as Press Releases, Articles, or any other information that you would like to reach the eyes of the masses.  Once again, we offer great rates and can customize a plan according to any reasonable budget.


No matter the need, we can satisfy it for you.

Contact our office to speak to a Representative to learn more about our various Distribution Services.