All of the Elite Embassies which of course include the Music Embassies maintain their existence through membership, sponsorships and contributions.  We ask individuals and businesses to contribute to the great work we do on a global level.

By sending a contribution of any amount, you directly support our many positive missions worldwide which include:

  • Assisting and Nurturing Talented Individuals so that their God Given Talent does not go to waste
  • Assisting and Nurturing of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs from start up to new, young, expanding and veteran business owners
  • Implementation of our Community Education Efforts which cover many topics from business, music, health and wellness, literacy and more…
  • Creating Career and Entrepreneurial Opportunities for individuals from around the world
  • Development and Implementation of our various humanitarian efforts on a global level
  • Development and Implementation of our numerous Community Unity Events and Activities
  • Assisting us with providing life changing surgeries

We ask for your support and greatly appreciate any contribution amount so that we can continue to do well needed efforts.

We also encourage Elite VIP Membership into the organization as well which provides numerous Member Perks and Benefits.

Thank you in advance for contributing to our organization.

Click HERE to make a contribution via Paypal.  For other payment options, please contact our office via the Contact Us form on this site or by phone.