Music Composers

Composing music is an art that is the backbone of every song.  Composers should be developed in the same way as recording artists since without music, it is not a song.  Being known and relevant in the industry is key. Image is everything and having a knowledgeable and strong team behind you is key.

However, in most cases the focus is usually on the recording artist and there is little attention on the composer of the beat even though the beat some times makes the song.  In some genres in the music industry that are not getting mainstream exposure, it is extremely difficult to earn a living as a music composer.  Many do not know their rights nor understand the business and some even lose their intellectual property rights due to the lack of knowledge.

It is great when a producer or record label is interested in producing a song on a composer’s instrumental however, it is highly important that an understanding in writing is developed between all parties.

If a composer decides to produce one of his tracks, it is equally important that he/she has an recording agreement in place with the recording artist prior to the session.

The Music Embassies assist composers in any and every way they would like.  Whether it be publishing, marketing, recording negotiations, contract drafting, professional representation or simply services to complete their projects such as mixing, mastering, ISRC #’s, distribution services, marketing, etc.  We are here to be that strength that is needed in order to succeed.

If you are a music composer and would like assistance from the Music Embassies for your career’s advancement, a mandatory Music Industry Intensive Training is required.  Please contact our office to register for your training or fill out the form on the navigation bar above.

For Composers who also produce, please visit the Producer’s Section of this site.