Endorsed Clients Websites


Take a moment to check out the links below.  These links connect to the clients that the Music Embassies have Endorsed and Partnered with for their career in numerous divisions of the organization.  To learn more about becoming Endorsed, contact our office for more details.


Eldie Anthony – www.EldieAnthony.com

(Reggae Embassy & other Music Embassies)


Ma’Niche – www.ManicheMusic.com

(Pop Music Embassy& other Music Embassies)


I-Noble – www.INobleMusic.com

(Reggae Embassy& other Music Embassies)


C-Zer – www.CzerMusic.com

(Hip Hop Embassy)


Cameal Davis – www.CamealDavis.com

(Reggae Embassy& other Music Embassies)


Kiodour – www.Kiodour.com

(Artists Embassy, Producers Embassy, Reggae Embassy, Entrepreneurs Embassy)


Lanz876 – www.Lanz876.com

(Producers Embassy, Dancehall Embassy)


Christina Grand – www.ChristinaGrand.com (Coming Soon!)

(Authors Embassy, Producers Embassy, MultiMedia Embassy, Entrepreneurs Embassy)