Become a Team Member

We are excited to have our global team growing on a daily basis.  We are looking for the right individuals from around the world to offer this amazing opportunity.  This organization’s existence is based on offering Life Changing Opportunities for Advancement. Being a team member of The Worldwide Elite Embassies as an Embassy Executive, Administrative Team Member or Licensed Embassy Representative is a great honor for anyone who is given the opportunity to be a part of such a fascinating historic global organization that is truly making a difference in the lives of so many.

We are contracting team members for the organization itself as well as the numerous individual Embassies, projects and programs. All of the Elite Embassies are career and business advancement organizations.  The greatest thing about this organization is that all Embassies are Revenue and Profit Sharing entities that share its revenue with those on the various teams who are making things happen.  There are no share/stock holders in the organization since it was developed to share with those who are contracted with the organization as Team Members to handle a specific role.  Those who are afforded the opportunity to become a Licensed Embassy Representative are also able to share in the organization’s revenue as well.

The greatest things about working with The Worldwide Elite Embassies is not only are the Team Members sharing in the organization’s revenue and profit, they are also able to work from anywhere in the world. Therefore , our favorite motto for the team is “The World is Our Workplace!”

There are several teams that one can apply for based on their preference.

  • Director of Operations Executive Team
  • Executive Support Team
  • Executive Development Team
  • Executive Acquisition Team
  • Embassy Team of Subcontractors
  • Licensed Embassy Representatives



The Embassies were designed to share the revenue with those who have aligned themselves with the organization and have united to make a difference in the lives of those we assist while enhancing the lives of those within the communities around the world where we implement our projects, programs and humanitarian efforts.  These individuals must possess a skill(s) that is needed in order to complete the assignments that the teams are given.  To be on an Executive Team Level, you must be able to work with the organization on a daily basis and complete your assigned tasks which will allow you to become an Executive of the Embassy(s) you are assigned to.  Otherwise, you may wish to become a Licensed Representative which will allow you to work at your leisure and still be able to share in the organization’s revenue for what you are personally bringing to the table.


Directors of Operations

Those who are on the Directors of Operations Executive Team are the top executives in the organization and have the greatest responsibility to maintain the operations of the organization.  There are a total of 10 positions on this team for each Embassy, each having a main responsibility depending on their experience and abilities.  There is a team for the Main Organization itself and each and every Embassy has its own team as well.  Those who are on this team work with the organization on a full time basis and are considered partners with the Embassies.


Support Team

The Support Team is responsible for being in charge of the advancement of the organization through supporting the projects, programs and clients we assist.  There are two sectors to the Support Team; Support Team for the Organization and Support Team for Embassy Endorsed Clients.  Support Team Members who work as an Executive are expected to work on a daily basis yet there are cases where they may be able to work on a part time basis for a period of time. Their primary functions depend on what team within the Support Team that they are on.  If they are on the organization’s Support Team, they are responsible for anything that has to do with maintaining the growth and advancement of the organization which includes spreading the word about the organization and to assist with whatever is needed to support Embassy divisions, events, projects and programs. Those who are on the Client’s Support Team work directly for those clients who have been Embassy Endorsed.  These team members are then also considered “Investors” of those clients’ careers as well and may receive an additional compensation depending on their role in the career’s of the clients or their contribution to the client’s advancement.


 Development Team

The Embassy Development Team works in the same capacity as the Support Team.  However, the difference is that the Development Team is solely responsible for developing the things needed in order for the Support Team to do what needs to be done to advance the organization and the clients we assist.  These individuals work more in the area of graphics, video production, video editing, writing, journalism, web development, IT, law, brand development, career development, business development, marketing development, etc.  This team is on an Executive Level and those within it do work fully with the organization. However, they have the unique opportunity that they can earn additional compensation since they have top level priority when clients are in need of their services.


The five teams mentioned above receive their revenue from their personal efforts as well as their team efforts.  If an individual is on all five teams, they will receive their Team Revenue Share for each team.  All Team Revenue Shares are based on a performance split so that the individuals are fairly compensated for their hard work.



We have a special team of Executives who work with the organization specifically to bring in revenue.  These individuals work with the organization full or part time but are contributing on a consistent basis.  Their focus is Membership, Sponsorship, Contributions, Presentations and Trainings.  They receive a share in the revenue that is generated from their efforts according to their assigned task.



There are many who are talented individuals in certain areas and already work in the industry in some fashion or another that we may need to subcontract work to.  These team members are an extension of our main team through our Business Advancement Division.  They do not receive a Team Revenue Share, therefore, they are not required to work on a daily basis.  As projects and assignments are coming in from paying clients, we will subcontract our team of skilled individuals/entrepreneurs to complete the assignments and in turn share a percentage of the revenue with them for their share of the work completed.

You too can become a part of this exciting innovative organization by becoming a Team Member.  Becoming a part of the Embassy Team depends on your skills and abilities for the things that we need in regard to operation, development and/or support of our organization and the clients we assist.

Now that you have become familiar with the many different teams listed above and their time committment, you can make a decision of what is best for you to apply for if interested in becoming an Embassy Team Member.

If you are interested in applying, please take the first step by filling out the necessary form by clicking HERE.