Seven Talented Individuals Endorsed by the Music Embassies

Seven talented individuals have been awarded the title of being Endorsed by their respective Music Embassies.

Singer “I-Noble” of Trenchtown, Jamaica was the first to receive the honor.  His endorsement stems from the Reggae Embassy and Lover’s Rock Embassy.  After many years of searching for genuine assistance, he found his way to the Music Embassies and is receiving just that.

The second recording artist to receive an Embassy Endorsement is songstress “Ma’Niche” is blessed with a beautiful voice.  Her main Music Embassy is the Pop Music Embassy yet she also is in the the R & B Embassy and Dancehall Embassy.  Ma’Niche has worked with many of her fellow Endorsed Embassy Mates on various projects as well as other clients from the Publishing Division.

Haitian American Rapper “C-Zer” was endorsed by the Hip Hop Embassy shortly after Ma’Niche’s arrival to the Embassies.  C-Zer searched long and hard for assistance after receiving guidance from others who caused him to lose a great deal of money while trying to advance his career.  He found the Hip Hop Embassy and immediately saw results with his career advancement.  C-Zer is proud to fully fund his career and maintain ownership of his Sound Recordings while working with producers from around the world who are also Elite Embassy Publishing clients.

Shortly following C-Zer, one of the most phenomenal graphics designers not only came on board with the organization and was fully endorsed, but he also became part of the Executive Development Team.  Popularly known as “KIODOUR”, this amazing artist gave the organization its face as he played a key role in the development of the organization’s public presentation.  Kiodour is in several Embassies; for graphics (The Artists Embassy), as a business man (The Entrepreneur’s Embassy) and he also has an additional talent of music production, hence (The Producer’s Embassy) which is choice of music is of course Reggae, therefore having his main Music Embassy with the Reggae Embassy.

While at a recording studio for a project with another client, the director of the Music Embassies was introduced to a young gentleman who had a voice that you could listen to all day.  This talented singer “Eldie Anthony” later contacted the organization to become a part of the Embassy family.  Having been mentored for four years by one of the greatest Reggae Icons (Beres Hammond) had really shown in Eldie Anthony’s workmanship as an artist.  He began to get heavily involved with the organization by assisting his other fellow Embassy Mates with song writing and assisted with producing as well.  Eldie Anthony is extremely versatile and his songs span over numerous genres and their Embassies yet his main Embassy of course is of his homeland, Jamaica therefore the Reggae Embassy.  He has worked with producers worldwide and has also done a few collaborations with other Embassy Endorsed Clients.

Winner of 2008’s Digicel Rising Star Competition in Jamaica which is the equivilent to American Idol and X-Factor, songstress Cameal Davis found her way to the Reggae Embassy where she was welcomed with open arms.  Blessed with a flawless voice with outstanding range and power, Cameal Davis is compares to the late great Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson.  She is definitely in their league.  Her first love of course is Reggae yet still young at heart and in her 20’s, she loves many genres such as Dancehall, Pop, Club, Soca and R & B.  She is working on her debut album called “It’s My Time” which will consist of songs from many genres giving something for everyone.

Our final addition to the Endorsed Embassy family is a 17 year old composer/producer by the name of Lanz876 also known as DJ Lanz who became well known when he became a celebrity producer of a Dancehall song called “Yah Suh Nice” by his friend Potential Kidd.  This song went viral worldwide making it the biggest hit song for 2012.  Lanz and his family decided to utilize the Embassy to take his career to the next level in order to keep those hit songs coming.  He is utilizing the Dancehall Embassy as his main Embassy but has since worked with other artists within the Embassies and has created beats for R & B, Hip Hop and Reggae.

The Music Embassies open up the registration for endorsements a couple times per year.  Those who would like to be considered must be utilizing the bookings, publishing and professional representation divisions in order to qualify for the extra Exposure Endorsement.   Those interested in utilizing the organization in any capacity must attend a mandatory Intensive Training on the Music Industry conducted by the Music Embassies.  Click HERE for more information.



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